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Colposcopy during the COVID era

Overcome today's colposcopy challenges

Watch this brief video to see how DYSIS Smart Colposcopy is helping physicians navigate today's obstacles, including increasing detection and visualizing the cervix with PPE.

Increase detection and improve practice efficiency

DYSIS Colposcopy with DYSISmap helps physicians detect 44% more CIN2+  and
direct patients appropriately for screening, treatment or conservative management



Increase detection

Quantify acetowhitening and increase detection of high-grade cervical lesions


Compare exams

Compare a patient's DYSIS colposcopy exams to monitor and track cervical changes over time


Improve practice efficiency

High resolution images, video playback and patient reports for better documentation

DYSIS Colposcopy supports new ways of working.
Find out how DYSIS can help your practice.

*DeNardis et al. Int J Womens Health. 2017; 9: 717-725

DYSIS is a registered trademark of DYSIS Medical Ltd.

For additional information on use of the DYSIS Ultra 2.0 including applicable regulations,

please refer to the DYSIS Ultra 2.0 Digital Colposcope Instructions for Use: 0330-53095